Hey, there! My name is J. S., or Josh if you prefer. The above isn't me, by the way—just a picture of me. XD

I'm a Christian, writer, bibliophile, and dreamer living in the verdant world of my own imagination. (Okay, I actually live in Missouri. But I like visiting the verdant world of my own imagination often. I have dual citizenship or something.) I enjoy steadily consuming tea and coffee while reading a book or listening to a podcast. I also like working on digital art projects and writing correspondence to the friends I have who don't care enough about me to move to my area (I have great friends, I'm only kidding). In addition to the aforementioned, I'm an introvert, an INTP, a 4w5, and a cynic and idealist, as ridiculously paradoxical as that sounds. If you ever meet me in person, you'll find that I'm a really, really, really, nice person, with a quiet, relatively unassertive demeanor, and a remarkable intellect and imagination. Just in case you were wondering.

In all seriousness, though, I am a sinner saved by grace. It's not because I'm anything special (because I'm not), but because God chose to love me in spite of the fact that I'm not. I believe in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, and I believe in the hope that He has given me. This world is broken, but He is making it new again, through His love.

Authors that have inspired me include J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Kate DiCimallo, and S. D. Smith. I love to write about what I love, and here on My Little Hole in the Ground, I post my thoughts on life and various abstract concepts, reviews of books and movies I've found inspiring, and interviews of really interesting people. I write a post every week.

If you want to talk for any reason, to introduce yourself or give me some tips or suggestions, please contact me. Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay in My Little Hole in the Ground.