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Good Morning! (Or whatever time it may be wherever you may be). This is my list of recommended sites and books. I have read and/or occasionally read these sites and books. Some of these sites are owned by friends of mine, including those who comment on My Little Hole in The Ground. I would consider it a favor if you checked out their sites and the extremely interesting content within them. ;)


Grace Helland (or H.): Don't You Know That I'm Singing

Cheyenne Van Langevelde: The Dancing Bardess

Andrew Yarbrough: The Second Inklings

Phillip Haumesser: Phillip Haumesser Photography

Grace: Grace Notes

DreamerRambling: DreamerRambling

Lady of Anorien: Along the Brandywine

Beth H.: This Redeemed Girl

Me: Clingman Photography

Middle-Earth News

The One Wiki to Rule Them All


Eugene Clingman & Jay Grimstead: Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming Truth on 24 Controversial Issues

Christian Clingman: Wanderer in The Valley of Vision

Daniel Helland: More Than Conquerors

J.R.R. Tolkien: The HobbitThe SilmarillionThe Lord of the RingsLeaf by Niggle

Douglas Bond: Duncan's WarHostage LandsRebel's KeepThe King's ArrowGuns of the LionGuns of ThunderGuns of Providence.

Wayne Thomas Batson: Isle of FireThe Door Within Trilogy


The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy

The Hobbit Movie Trilogy (even though Mr. Jackson ruined it)

The Chronicles of Narnia Movies

Beyond the Mask

Pendragon: Sword of His Father

Kendrick Brother's Movies

Disclaimer: My recommendation of these sites and books do not necessarily indicate that I agree with all the owners/writers respective views entirely. This list is updated occasionally. 

Note: Do you not see your site/book here, but would like to see it on this page? Contact me, and I'll be sure to check it out!

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