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Hey! My name is J. S., or Josh if you prefer. The above isn't me, by the way—just a picture of me. XD

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A Hobbit's Tales

3 min read

Stories are important. Those of us who are naturally imaginative may hold this conviction very strongly, even though it may be difficult to express in mere words. We just know that stories affect us deeply—they make us feel so much more alive. For those of us who are the more pragmatic, realist type, we may hold to a more skeptical view. Some pragmatists may even go so far as to say that stories are of no importance whatsoever, merely being sources of mindless entertainment to pass time better served doing something actually "productive."

1 min read

I think the thing I need to work on most is courage. I lack basic courage—that's a fact. Basic courage to do basic things. Like talking to someone I'm not very familiar with, asking a favor, conducting a phone call, attempting to make friends with a Gen Z girl (in real life), applying for a job, or dealing with people during a tour at the local college. (Pretty silly, right?) It's amazing how many things fear prevents me from doing—you're probably thinking right now that it's also really quite ridiculous, and I would wholeheartedly agree with you. It is ridiculous.

3 min read

Time does fly, doesn't it? Sometimes I wish there were such a thing as a time machine. But there isn't. So, I guess life must be lived without looking wistfully back into the past which is now lost. Only the present can be changed, and the future can be changed indirectly by what you do in the present.

2 min read

Sophie Foster has always been the weird one. Understandable, considering the fact that she's the only twelve-year-old high school senior in her class. And that she has photographic memory. And is capable of telepathy. . . .

1 min read

Hey, again, you all! I thought that since I've been gone for so long, I'm like a complete stranger to some of those subscribed here. So this is what can be called an introduction post. A re-introduction post, if you will! ;) Hopefully this will suffice until I fix my about page.

1 min read

I know it's been a long while since you've heard from me. Sorry about that. I guess I (honestly) got bored of thinking of things to post and just gave it up! Since then, however, sometimes I'd come up with an idea for a post occasionally, but then put off actually writing it until later. This is where that procrastination stops. . . .

1 min read

Finally! Here I am with the long-promised riddles for this, our second riddle game! Sorry for the delay - I am sure that all of you expected them here sooner! ;) Anyhow, as before, this is a game of riddles. This time, however, I will list the steps to answering for complete clarity...


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